“Change of mind”

Sometimes, what we want isn't what we really want. Other times, what we think we want isn't really what we really want. Not sure if that made sense to you but just a few thoughts. When I was younger, I was so sure I wanted to be a lawyer for lots of reasons (you can... Continue Reading →


So, there is this song that Christians sing in church that has the line: "I will worship you forever, love you forever..." I guess, you probably know it or even finished it. It's a really great song. but this post isn't about the song. Events in the last 2 years have been so heart rending... Continue Reading →

Love is Appreciative

And Thank you wordpress.com for the platform. It's Four Years today!💃🍾🥂 Yes, it's four years today since I started blogging. It's been a roller coaster ride of deleting and retyping and brain blocks and sometimes just shear tiredness and laziness. 😁 Yeah, bloggers would understand. It actually takes commitment to blog and I'm not there... Continue Reading →

Love is Impossible

Read the title again. It wasn't a mistake. Love actually is IMPOSSIBLE. Love is the most difficult thing anyone could do. You really cannot love anyone or anything completely. There will always be an excuse about your kind of love. You probably have heard of the various types of love there is. If you haven't,... Continue Reading →

Love Might Not be Reciprocal.

Ever heard the phrase, "Love Them Still" I guess so. It's actually not that popular. What about this? "Don't make someone a priority when they only make you an option." or "if you are the only one giving in a relationship, walk away." I'm sure you must have heard the latter ones or maybe you... Continue Reading →

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