Love is Growth and Love Grows

Taking stock of my life is fast becoming a habit for me. I just sit, reflect and ponder on where and who I used to be and who I am now. Recently doing that, I realised how much changes have taken place in my life. I know deep down I'm supposed to be better but... Continue Reading →



It was one hot afternoon. I was having a conversation with a colleague and friend. She then mentioned in passing that she had no food at home and she doesn't have money to get food items for her house. I also didn't have money but I had food to spare. Problem two was if I... Continue Reading →

Love endures…

Dealing with people has always been a major "ish" for me. People just always seem to get on my nerves and so in handling people, I have tales to tell. Don't get me wrong, I am also a handful or maybe a neckful...😁 but seriously, I find dealing with people really exhausting. Something recently happened... Continue Reading →


Someone I know usually tells me that Life itself is a school but I didn't understand so well until I started to have variations of relationships at different levels. Now more than ever, that statement rings and rings over and over in my head whenever I'm faced with difficult situations or complex people. While I'm... Continue Reading →

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