I Want “US” To Be Right…


Continuing on my time spent with the children, I would share some lessons God taught me. They are about my fellowship with Him and how it can be affected. So, here is what happened:

The children were forming the habit of not cleaning up the toilet after use such that they have to be reminded all the time. So, one particular morning, I checked the toilet and it was left uncleaned as usual. So I asked the last person to use the bathroom and  she denied being the one who used it. I knew She was the last person to use the bathroom and so I insisted she cleaned it up. afterwards she asked my help to  get somethings done. I eventually helped but I was a very unhappy with her within me and we dragged on like that till we got to her school. when it was time to say Good byes  at school, I reminded her that I wasn’t happy with here so she opened up and accepted her mistake and  then we said our proper good byes with smiles and hugs.

Later that day, God reminded me that that’s how my relationship with Him can be too. When I do things other than the way he wants, though he might not be happy with me, He would help me when I ask Him for help but more importantly, He wanted things to be right between us. Also that once I admit my wrongs instead of explaining them away, we would always be friends. The Best thing about God is, He is always ready to help.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble

_Psalm 46:1

So, always admit your wrongs to God always keep it simple to make sure to always be right with Him and just keep serving and keep learning.




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