CarefulI think the 11th commandment of love should be Love never assumes. 

On many occasions, with me and other people or from me to other people, I have discovered that based on the society we live in, people live majorly on assumptions instead of seeking out the truth.

So, instead of helping a child (or and adult) with the door, we assume they can open it themselves. Instead of offering your “neighbour” some food, you assume he is filled because His stomach looks it. Instead of offering to help a mother with house chores, we assume it’s not that much for her to need extra help. Instead of asking how a person is doing, you assume he is fine just because he or she always wears a smile or even when we ask how they are doing, we already assume in our heads that they are fine so we don’t usually pay close attention to their response.

I once experienced a friend challenging another friend to pay more attention to her and other people’s responses when you ask the usual question (at least in Nigeria): “How was your night?”. The morning of the previous day (or so), Friend A asked Friend B the question and friend B really didn’t have a smooth night and really wanted to tell Friend A that but because friend A already assumed that as usual, the night would have been fine, she didn’t wait for the rest of the response and walked off until they had to talk about it later.

This happens a lot ranging from praying for a person, giving a surprise call, taking meal to a friend to big things as asking about people’s families, jobs, health and giving them advice. So, next time you see that neighbour, never assume. ALWAYS ASK, ACT and WAIT FOR A RESPONSE!





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