Someone I know usually tells me that Life itself is a school but I didn’t understand so well until I started to have variations of relationships at different levels. Now more than ever, that statement rings and rings over and over in my head whenever I’m faced with difficult situations or complex people. While I’m still learning, I’ll just share a few of my latest lessons here:

1. Life is simple and is full of Humans who are complex. Trying to expose myself to people has been quite hectic and almost exhausting but this is the overall lesson in dealing with people. Keep your life simple no matter what is happening around you. People will try to make your simple life become as complex as theirs. DON’T LET THEM. KEEP YOUR HEAD. REMAIN SIMPLE.

Mother Theresa said:

Don’t treat people based on how bad they are, treat them based on how good you are.

2. People and things are your teachers not your controllers. We all desire certain people and things in our lives but we must be careful not to let these people or things control us. As much as we like and desire to be close with people or want to have certain things in our lives, when we finally get them, we should learn what we have to learn from them and not make them our gods.

Learn Self-Control

3. Cherish People who have made your life better. Don’t always be in a hurry to make new friends. Cherish and nurture the old ones and let new ones develop in their own time. Be deliberate about building relationships but never be in a hurry to build friendships.

Friendship is a gift

In all, let God guide your sixth sense and enjoy the ride while you learn new things.

God bless.



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