Love endures…

Dealing with people has always been a major “ish” for me. People just always seem to get on my nerves and so in handling people, I have tales to tell. Don’t get me wrong, I am also a handful or maybe a neckful…😁 but seriously, I find dealing with people really exhausting.

Something recently happened to me that showed me that I have grown in endurance.

I belong to this group where people are encouraged to voice it out and let it out always. At least that is what is preached there and so I decided to try to voice it out too in my own innocent way and got a lot of lashes for doing that.

Truth is at that moment I was boiling inside of me. I desperately wanted to respond brashly and give everyone a piece of my mind but I kept asking myself, what good would it do? I could win the argument and pour out exactly all that’s on my mind and get away with it just as if it never happened. But I also thought:

What would happen to the people who would be hurt by my words. Not that I intended hurting them but sometimes when you speak out of the deep seethed anger you feel, you hurt a lot of people unintentionally. At that point, I received all of the “lashes” because LOVE ENDURES all things.

How about you? Have you had any enduring experience in trying to love people. Please feel free to share…




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  1. Thanks for sharing Estibels. Interpersonal skills don’t come naturally. Frictions are inevitable; hurt and disappointment are sure. How we respond to, and learn from the experiences determines the quality of our interactions and relationships. The life of a recluse is not an option worth taking. Sometimes I wish it is. But deep down inside I know it is will be detrimental to me. One can say anything one likes, but not everything is worth saying.

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