Love is Growth and Love Grows

Taking stock of my life is fast becoming a habit for me. I just sit, reflect and ponder on where and who I used to be and who I am now. Recently doing that, I realised how much changes have taken place in my life. I know deep down I’m supposed to be better but I’m in love with the woman I have become.

My point is, not many want to talk about or hear this but if you really love the people you claim to love, like your friends and family (and mentors if you have one), you will grow. Just imagine you have a baby you keep feeding and giving all the food you can find and exhaust yourself trying to show love to that baby and the baby refuses to grow and remains a baby, I already know how you would feel.

You know, jokingly I will say sometimes only if babies will remain babies but when I think if the joy of seeing someone grow, my thoughts change. Growth is a good thing and I’m here thinking maybe that’s why mothers look at their children and are growingly full of much love and admiration as they watch the being that came from out of them develop into a beautiful soul.

When you don’t grow, you are selfish and it means you don’t love and can’t love. Same applies to our relationship with God. I’m so glad I’m growing.

How about you? A penny for your thoughts…



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